Friday, February 14, 2014

Ted Gordon-New Lesson on Teachers-Pay-Teachers

BE INSPIRED! Last weekend a friend of mine who is an art educator and myself went to the Visionary Art Museum here in Baltimore, MD. I moved here last June because of my fiance' relocating due to his new job. I still teach and commute to Pennsylvania and teach at a great district with a great art program! So I commute about 45 minutes everyday. Being in the location I am now allows me a wide range of opportunities to be around a cultured and creative environment! Being only 20 minutes away from art museums is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I came across this artist last weekend at the museum named Ted Gordon. HIS WORK IS INCREDIBLE! I think this would be a great lesson to work with your students and to introduce into your classroom. I created an interactive power point presentation of his work that you can use with your students in your classroom. There are essential questions and discussion questions you can review with your students. Check it out on my teachers-pay-teachers account! Keep it creative art teachers! Adios!


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