Sunday, February 23, 2014

Social Media is addiction to Art Teachers!

Social media has become an obsession in my art education world. It has opened a world of opportunities to share ideas, exchange work with colleagues, and advocate the arts to our local community.

 Artsonia has been a great hit this year with my students and in our elementary school. If you can get a program up and running at your school you will love the results!

Edmodo has become a great tool to promote positive social communication. I have been using it with my 5th graders in their Art and Technology class and it has been wonderful seeing them communicate about art the way I do with all of you! 

Facebook--If you have not added the group Art Teachers to your life, then you are missing out. Enough said :)

Teachers-Pay-Teachers is a way to make a little extra mula for your fabulous work and ideas you come up with.

Blogger--well lets just say that it's a way for us to advocate art education TO THE WORLD!

Etsy allows me to create and sell my work to the world. Art Teachers, keep creating your own art. It is a passion you must not forget.
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  1. I love artsonia! It's such a great way for families to have a discussion on art! I've gotten such good parent feedback since I started this past October. I have two schools though, so I am finding it a challenge to keep up with the sheer volume of art that I need to post. My schools are found here: and here: