Sunday, May 25, 2014

Crushed Can Value Drawings

6th grade students created these transformation drawings using a soda can. We focused on using graphite, value, and form in our drawings. They had to transform the can into 3 different compositions by crushing it with their hands or feet. They then had to use their observation skills to draw the can three different times.

Andy Warhol Secondary Colors

Yes, I am guilty of Pinterest! I saw this idea on Pinterest some where. I did this with my kindergarten students for our Secondary Colors lesson. We looked at Andy Warhol's Flower Print and then we did some printmaking of our own in the background using pieces of cardboard and green paint. We then used repetition to cut our our secondary colored flowers. Easy, simple, yet fun!

Elizabeth Murray 3-D

Again, sorry about the mixed up tilted images! These are Elizabeth Murray inspired paper sculptures that my 6th grade students created. We used Oak Tag and tempera paints. We explored various techniques and printing techniques with paint. We also discussed form, shape, and composition using a variety of shapes both a combination of organic and geometric. The tiles of these are always fun to read when the students complete their paper reliefs.

Wonderful Weavings

3rd grade created these fun weaving's using a ton of old yarn I discovered in my back closet. A lot of it was tangled up but we managed to get out good pieces to use for this project. We focused on the technique rather than the patterns and repetition of color. My students this year had a very difficult time weaving so we tried to get the motor skill and technique down instead.

Inspirations of Nature

This year we received IPADS to use in the classroom and they were tons of fun! My 3rd grade students took these images outside around our school environment. Students had to capture different perspectives of nature and our school and then we altered the images on a great WEB 2.0 tool that I use for everything called PIXLR!

Digital Art Works

Sorry about the sideways photographs. They uploaded from my phone this funky way and I haven't a clue how to rotate them on here. Below are two examples of Graphic Design posters we did for "companies" or stores that wanted to hire us for publicity. This is always a fun project for my 6th graders. I make up these make believe company names and then I pretend they are hired for X amount of dollars to product a new logo or company poster for them.

This is a 3rd grade digital drawing they completed on Microsoft PAINT. We focused on detail, and our fine motor skills of drawing digitally on the computer.
This is a 4th grade students drawing that he was currently working on, this was an in the process piece. I think it is fantastic! Again we used just little old Microsoft PAINT. The wonders.
These are two Joan Miro inspired pieces done by 2nd graders. We were introduced to the work of artist Joan Miro through a PowerPoint presentation we we critiqued the artworks. Then we used Paint to design our own pieces in Miro's style.

Spring Time Fun, Summer is closer!

Here are a few photographs I took of my students work that I took down from the art show and have now displayed in the Administration building for some vibrancy over the summer months. The students were great sports about me keeping their works over the summer and giving them back in the fall. Below is a Kindergarten sunflower and 6th grade value drawings of dragon eyes. We explored a range of graphite pencils and shading techniques.

New Lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers!

 Red Figure Roman PotteryI posted a new lesson and resources on a Roman Red Figure Pottery Lesson I completed with my 4th grade students.

Check out my Store! Enjoy and creative wishes to a wonderful summer and end of the school year everyone!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Technology Integration Research

This year we had to complete a self-directed research project. I chose mine in technology integration with the arts. I was really engaged in organized great resources and collected date I out together throughout the school year. Here are aome images of the binder and journal I kept. This was a great way for me to record and evaluate information. 

I used a " ticket out the door" using sticky notes. This was another great way I could quickly collect my student data. 

I used surveys to collect student data and input.