Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Let's Celebrate America!

Students were introduced to the many symbols of America. Fireworks, The Statue of Liberty, The American Flag, Bald Eagles, and the list goes on. This was the perfect lesson for Labor Day! Believe it or not, students had no clue what the holiday was and their response was, "It is a day off from school!" NooOOOOooOOO!!!!!

We explored the history and story behind Labor Day and students created these celebrated works of art to honor the hard working families of America. 

Students used green sharpie's to outline Lady Liberty, green hues of crayons, and then oil pastels on black paper with some glitter for the background.

Boo! Happy Halloween!DIY Fall Project

So black spray paint is my FAVORITE of all time! When I can't think of what to paint something, I go with black! It is classic, and goes with any color accent. My mother gave me her old Boo Town. I was not feeling the dated decor so I spray painted them all black and added some black and silver glitter to the roof tops!
This spray paint is awesome because it dries in about 10-20 minutes! Woo Hoo!

Here is my final display! I found a great table runner from The Christmas Tree Shop and added some webs and lights that came with the Halloween Town!!! Happy Haunting!

The Art Room: Back to School!

Welcome back ya'll! It is week number 4 already! We have just about been in school for a month already, wow does time fly! Only a month into school and look how overloaded my desk is :) 
Trying to stay organized, I am grouping lessons and projects together this year as you can see on my essential question board. This is giving me some breathing space in terms of lessons and planning. 

The flags hanging from the ceiling are from Amazon! The STUDENTS love them and they always love learning which flag connects to which country. They have been such fun being displayed in my room. :) Have a great school year and happy creating!

Lady Liberty:Symbols of America

This year in art I am doing "Passport Around the World" theme. We are exploring art, history, and artists from around the world! Our first stop of course was the U.S.A. First and second grade students created these awesome Statue of Liberty art pieces using mixed media. We discussed the many symbols that represent the image and history of the United States both being Lady Liberty and the American Flag. 
Students used a variety of Green hues and green watercolor paint to add the green tones to their Statue of Liberty. We then used some torn paper strips and glitter to add our patriotic stars and strips to the flag!