Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Classroom Themes and Gearing up for 2016-2017

The Art of Nature is going to be my theme this year in art. 8 years ago when I started teaching, themes were not something I was thrilled about. Through the years it has become something I look forward to planning. It has allowed me to collaborate and make connections with other educators. Themes have also helped bind and connect content together in my classroom and with other classroom curriculum. I always try to choose a theme that is broad and not too concrete. This allows me a wide range of options and content to choose from. I love having students in grades K-6 make connections with each others work and with my other three elementary art teachers. It is a great way to put meaning into the hard work everyone does all year. This year I got an early start on creating my bulletin boards. What fun themes and awesome connections are you looking forward to this up and coming school year?

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