Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Art of Animation:Great Informational Video

Today on my Art Ed 2.0 account I came across this great video resource about the history and contemporary world of animation. I am very excited to share this with my students in my Arts and Tech class.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Soup Can Art! Andy Warhol Inspired Lesson

Last summer I took a trip to visit one of my friends from college. She lives in VA Beach and is too an art teacher. She teaches summer classes at the VA MOMA and she told me about the Andy Warhol exhbit. We were thrilled to check it out and sure enough I got inspired by the artwork and local art on display. That's where this assignment came into play.

I am a huge recycling nut and when it comes to making things out of the old, I get so excited! So I assigned a lesson to my 6th grade students. 6th Grade students were assigned a sketchbook homework assignment over the PSSA testing break considering I was missing some of their art time due to my schedule and traveling. I gave them this fun challenge to take a soup can or veggie can and transform it into something new! Students were allowed to use any art materials and create any sculpture piece. The options were limitless. I can NOT get enough of these creative outcomes. Students are so thrilled to bring them in and put them on display. We filled up the display case outside of the Gym and Cafeteria, and everyone is getting a thrill out of seeing these fun creations.

The students really enjoyed this assignment and they enjoyed working collaboratively with someone at home. They are all different and unique. I love getting these kinds of results from my students.

More Soup Can Art to come!!!

Bearded Men at the Circus! Exploration of Line and Pattern

4th Grade students were introduced to line and pattern looking at various Zentangles. Using Zentangles as inspiration, students designed their own patterns using sharpie and created these Bearded Circus Men inspired by this years Artist and Residence Program we will have in May.

Materials Used: Sharpie, Markers, Crayons, Pencils, Colored Pencils.

Kinder Weavings!!!

Kindergarten weavings! These weavings were done using materials brought in my the entire student body. Old shirts, strings, shoelaces, ribbons, wires, and other materials were collected and then separated in containers by colors. Students focused on pattern and color and designed these beautiful recycled works of art!

My Spring Bulletin Board!

I finally got my Spring bulletin board up and on display. It has been such a busy couple of weeks but I found time after school on Friday to finish things up!

My newest family member!

I came home Friday to my fiancé sitting with this little ratter tot! He is a rescue dog. We named him Otis!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On the Look Out for Followers!!

Hello creative minds! I know my blog is new and up-and-comming and you may wonder what is in store next--things have been super hectic and I am on my way to get more photos up of student work and lessons. I would LOVE for you to add me to your following list--I would love to build up my blog and get more involved in the blogging art community world! Thanks for your support. Happy Creating!

The Sketchbook Project: The Pen Pal Painting Exchange

A couple of days ago I signed up to do a Pen Pal Painting Exchange through Art House Co-op… the group responsible for The Sketchbook Project. I missed the deadline for the Sketchbook Project and recently discovered this world-wide community event to participate in!!! I am so pumped for this and it is just what I need to motivate a new artistic adventure!

What I love about this, is without technology and my research craze to crave more art in my life I would have never discovered or been able to be part of something amazing as this. Check it out, it might spark your interest!

Today I received a 4″x4″ canvas and a pen pal note card to fill out. Once finished with the painting, your painting along with your note card gets mailed back to the Brooklyn Art Library where it will be exhibited along with other participant’s paintings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Afterward they match you up with your pen pal based on the information you provided.  I will receive my pen pal’s painting to keep forever and they will get mine!  The idea is that this project will start conversations amongst people, and perhaps start life long friendships through the exchange of art!