Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Goodwill rocks for Art Teachers!

The Goodwill is an addiction for any teacher on a budget trying to find some goodies for their classrooms and students. This week I found art games, a puzzle and some great books I can use this year with my students! Great for free time and for interactive learning. 

Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby Organization for the Art Room

Making the most of the Dollar Tree! They have some great bins to organize your art room right now. Papers to markers to glue! 
These sandwich lock containers are great to store elders glue in because they lock and are air tight. They have great sponges as well to put into the containers for your elders glue needs. Goodbye clogged orange caps! 
Hello Hobby Lobby! They currently have 80% off their spring shop collection! I got all these bins (4 orange) included for $14.00! What a steal! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Found this amazing site this evening that has a TON of information on various artists. It has a timeline, bio, artwork images, quotes and much more! It is the perfect site to compile artist info and to get your kiddos on to do some research! it is lovely, check it out and I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sculpture Toys and Tools!

Have you seen these cool things yet!?? I am ordering some cool stuff for my classroom from Amazon and I am locked into all these fun new items I am discovering. These seem great for sculpture lessons, imagination, discovery, creating characters or abstract concepts or characters, I mean the ideas are endless! They are pricy but they seem pretty cool!Check out these cool new sculpture items and sites!Hope I inspired your sculptural mind today!

Toys-R-Us and Target apparently sell these cool gadgets called ZOOB. These seem like another fun item to build and connect with!

Here is another fun sculpture toy called ShapeScapes! These fun pieces come in a variety of colors and can be put together to build some cool things as well. 

Planners, Planners, PLANNERS!

I found this great site that allows you to do some fun print outs to customize and make your own yearly curriculum planner! She teachers homeschool but some freebies can be useful. I am attempting to make my own this year!
This blog talks about using your IPAD as a planner for those who are tech savvy and need a digital version!

And we can't forget about Pinterest! Make your own inspiration board in your binder to get quick ideas and organize projects for the school year!

And of coarse Erin Condren makes the best Lesson Planners that you can customize and order right from her site!

Enjoy these great Resources! Happy Planning!

Printmaking Neighborhoods: Romare Bearden Fun.....

During the last weeks of school I did a printmaking lesson with my first graders. We discussed the work of Romare Bearden and looked at his work "The Block." We talked about our neighborhoods and where we live. We discussed the differences between rural, suburban, and urban buildings and what things are found in the different areas. Students then each created their own rural house inspired by the buildings in New York City. Student's also created their own background using crayon and watercolor paints. 

Once each student made their own building on styrofoam, they then cut out the building and went to the ink station. They were allowed to print their building once on 3 different friends papers. Each student went around printing the different houses and buildings other classmates made until they filled up their paper to create their own "block" and "neighborhood." 
Each piece then had a variety of houses, a variety of artworks, and a variety of hands that had touched  the lives of each others works of art!

Our District Art Show!!!!!!

Every year we as elementary art teachers have two art shows. One at our elementary schools we are assigned and another one about a week or two later at our high school. We have a district art show of all students work grades K-12 at our High School. Come check out the great pieces our students did!

These are some great pieces by a 12th grade student. 
This year I had these large pieces of cardboard donate from an awesome parent that works at a recycling company! I had these folded into tripods and now they hold student work!
Elementary work... Post it's are great!
My awesome colleague and I!
Middle School work....
This year the art teachers in our district displayed some work of our own!

Fun finds for the Home!

Beings I have the summer off, I always like decorating my home and can't resist a good find at HomeGoods or the Goodwill! We moved into our new home in September so I didn't officially get everything decorated until now. Here are few fund finds I found shopping the past few weeks.

Found this great pillow and fun quote signs at HomeGoods! 

Bought the frame and owl at Homegoods and the letter "G" at Michaels! 70% 
off! They have these on sale now. 

These are my fun Fiesta mugs I picked up at the Goodwill. I swear I am in that store once a week. The one right by my house is 5 minutes away and it has the best goodies I have ever come across. It basically fills my garage sale fix during the winter months :)
Hope you are all having fun doing those things you love to do during your summer months off! Creative Wishes, xox Ashley

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Many of your are avid bloggers and parents and teachers and crafting or art making in the summers and I do not know how you do it!! I give HUGE kuddos to all of you out there being able to take on all aspects and do it with beauty, fun, and excitement! As much as I love blogging and looking at other art educators blogs, I just become overwhelmed with life and posting. Unfortunately. But here I am, July 8 and I have some fun new things to post!

First off, I am having a huge sale at my Teachers-Pay-Teachers store called:
The Magnificent Paintbrush

This is in honor of my 100 products that I now have posted for sale at my store! Enjoy everyone!

Also, I have had some fun exploring Target this past week. There are some excellent goodies in the $1.00 bins for your classrooms! Borders, erasers, pencils, bookmarks, window clings and much more. It is definitely a must check out. I also heard that each Target has different goodies, so if you have two stores close to you, check out the awesome finds.

This year my plan is to do a Multicultural Art theme exploring the different folk art, art and culture of different countries around the world. Do you do art themes as an art teacher? Do you collaborate with other teachers and specialists?

Talk to you all soon!