Sunday, October 20, 2013

Getting Ready to Present!

These are all the goodies we used at the workshop! Pan Pastels are an excellent alternative to dusty chalk pastels! Check them out they are phenomenol! 

Success teaching my Pan Pastel Workshop!

Today I did my first professional presentation at the PA Art Education Conference in Bethlehem! It was much fun and had a good turn out!

Friday, October 11, 2013

My room is a mess!

It's October! My room is officially a mess! 


Ahh! It is that time of year again for great weather and beautiful fall colors. This year we are decorating the lobby for fall and 3rd grade students today created scarecrows to display. Students were put into groups of 5 and had to trace a peers body and then as a group worked together to create their scarecrow piece! 

I also had a fun idea to get the faculty and staff involved. Each participant was given a scarecrow pattern and then was asked to decorate their scarecrow in a way that represented themselves. Students will then guess to see which scarecrow matches up to which staff member! My example is above.