Sunday, February 15, 2015

SEA TURTLES: Eric Carle Inspired Sea Turtles!

I think Eric Carle might be every Elementary Art Teachers favorite Artist, Illustrator and Author! His work is just so playful, fun, and enjoyable to teach children about. Throughout the years I always try to incorporate Eric Carle into my curriculum. This year I did a lot of lesson's using his work and illustrative style to go with our theme "The Art of the Story Book." This week we started Sea Turtle's inspired by Eric Carle's book Animals, Animals. This book is filled with beautiful illustrations of a variety of Animals and incorporates some wonderful poems to go along with each animal.
This is the image we are using as inspiration for our Art Lesson. 
This is the wonderful book we are using that has a wide variety of Poems and Animals. Students will be creating their own Animal Poem to go along with their Sea Turtle art piece when they are finished.
We also incorporated some printmaking techniques....

And bubble wrap is a great way to add texture to make an ocean background!

We just started to make our ocean paper, can't wait to share the finished results!

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