Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Time Flies when you are making ART!

I can't believe it is the end of April already! It seems like the year can't go by fast enough and then POOF! It is the time for Art Shows, Curriculum Fairs and end of the year assessment and evaluations! Next week is our Curriculum Fair Night/Art Show Event. There seems to be not enough time (as always) and so much to do! I must say having parent volunteers has been a blessing. Without them I do not know how the school would be filled with art as I imagine it to be every year. I am so thankful for them! School decor of the student work and displays will be soon to come on my blog. As for now, I am off to rest shortly, it has been a super long day trying to catch up!

Any fun tips, tricks, or suggestions for Art Show Night is always welcome!

A great idea would be to create a scavenger hunt for students to see as many works around the school as possible. Fill in the blanks, clues, and question and answer are always great to use.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Cats Meow! 3rd Grade

3rd grade students created these beautiful mixed media pieces using cats as their inspiration! Students had to included 3+ cats in their composition sitting on a fence. Each cat had to look different and use a different medium for each. Watercolor and pastel were used in the background. 

Assemblage Boxes

6th grade created these identity boxes. Every year I do this with my 6th graders as part of their identity unit. They always do a wonderful job bringing in their found objects and collaging their boxes. Below are a few examples. Their focus is on their culture and heritage. One student focused on their brother. It was so moving to read his artist statement! 

4th Grade Self Portraits!

I love these! We did a few mini lessons and combined them all together to create this portrait project piece. The foam was donated from a company as packaging material. We did a whole lesson on recycling for them and incorporated sewing and weaving techniques. The hand was finger woven and the sides of the bag were sewn together. We used sharpie to design the bag and then did a portrait lesson with Pan Pastels! Here are the results:)

Super Heros!

My 2nd grade students did a portrait lesson on themselves, little did they know we would transform those portraits into Superheros! Check out these fun pieces. We used crayon, sharpie and pencil to add color and then did a watercolor cloud background.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1st Grade Clay Vases

I decided to do something different this year with 1st grade. I decided to do these hanging wall cone/vases for students to put flowers in. We discussed textures and imprinting. We also did a color theory lesson where students mixed and created their own unique colors. These was a real hands on project and the students seemed to love the results. I gave these to the first grade teacher to display on the students desks for curriculum fair!

Dale Chihuly Bowls!

Here are the final products of my 5th grade Chihuly Inspired Bowls. I know many of you couldn't wait to see the final pieces. We explored the process of glass blowing, the life and work of Dale Chihuly and installation art pieces. Students used red clay to create these organic bowls. We did a color theory lesson and discussed color and pattern use. Enjoy!

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Creative Minds Mural!

My Creative Minds group was inspired by my fiancé. I wanted to start an after school club that got students to use their talents in the arts to give back to the community. My fiancé is a police officer so hearing and being part of a community I wanted to give back and share joy with others through a service learning group. Our current project is working with our high school students and elementary students to collaboratively create this beautiful mural outside of our library!