Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ugly Apron!?! Merry Christmas!

I couldn't find an ugly sweater for ugly sweater day at school so I made my own ugly apron! I think it worked out great considering I am an art teacher!! 

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Over the past two years I have become very interested in researching technology and technology integration in the arts and into teaching. After obstacles and challenges technology has brought me throughout my journey writing my graduate work and working with my students, I have made discoveries, learned new things, and have grown in many ways far beyond what I believed art was. Now in the digital age  I believe as art teachers we must embrace the digital world and be open to new ways of learning, teaching, and growing.

This is a great video and link that explains the use of eSpark. It is individualized learning for students. I think this is such a great tool that I really believe students could successfully use in the classroom! Check it out!
Click this Link to check out eSpark Learning using IPADS

Cake Designer Sketchbook Challenge!

My students amaze me! I assigned this cake assignment as a sketchbook project and these were the amazing results!!!!

Action Heros and Monster Mash!

Product Design, Technology and Art! What a combination! I integrated all three topics into this lesson focused on protocol-types. My 5th grade students created a proto- type concept of an action hero or monster and then worked with high school students in another district who created their concept design into a real 3-d model. The boxes and descriptions had detailed information about the character, a bar code and the price! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Obama-Me Political Campaign Posters: Exploring the work of Shepard Fairey

5th grade students last year created these posters inspired by the work of Shepard Fairey. We discussed the campaign, the right to vote and why people use campaign posters to promote their voice. Students chose a word that would represent their campaign if they were running for president. Then we used the words to create a portrait in the style of Shepard Faireys work. These are for my graduate work so I wanted to share them with you all! 

Identity Posters

Up cycled trash cans!!!

My students and I worked on up cycling these old trash cans fir more color in the art room! 

Exploring Sumopaint!

5th grade students photographed each other and used a free online application called Sumopaint, which allows you to photo edit images for free! Students then explired various tools and techniques in the program to manipulate their photographs to represent emotion and evoke the viewers conversations. 

Word Cloud: Self Portraits and Identity

Last year my 5th grade students created these awesome portraits focusing on the rules of portraiture, exploring shadows, and using words to describe a story about who they are. This lesson incorporated. Study of both fine art techniques integrated with the use of technology. This week I will be presenting my work for my graduate degree. I thought these might be a wonderful way to think about technology integration for your art room. Enjoy!