Sunday, April 24, 2016

Georgia O'Keeffe Flowers by 5th Grade

Georgia O'Keeffe flowers by 5th grade! This is my FAVORITE project to do with 5th grade every year because the results are always AMAZING! Throughout the years I have saved a million photographs of flowers. Yes, photographs from calendars, posters, magazines you name it! Students discuss what a view finder is and create their own using a piece of square scrap paper. We then move it around the page to find the best abstracted enlarged shapes and composition to draw on their page. This does get very difficult for them to comprehend at first, so it is good to practice and demonstrate with a few photograph examples. We also look at Georgia O'Keeffe's work and discuss her life, work and compositions of her pieces. Visit my Teachers Pay Teachers Store for the Resource Worksheet we used for this lesson!
Students each get a piece of 12X12"inch white drawing paper, 90lb, great for watercolor and all drawing and paint materials. They sketch with pencil and then outline with sharpie.

We used watercolor pencils, watercolor paints, liquid watercolors and watercolor crayons to complete the painting steps. We discussed layering colors and mixing colors to make new ones. Sometimes students think you can't mix watercolor paints together, it is quite interesting! You might have to demonstrate how to mix colors with the students :)
Here are some of the awesome products I used for this lesson. I hope your students love these as much as mine did!

Here are the final results!

Vocabulary: Composition, Georgia O'Keeffe, Watercolor, View Finder, Enlarge, Blending, Color Theory, Abstract, Shape


  1. I love those beautiful flowers inspired by Georgia O'Keefe! Great work of your students!