Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kindergarten Shape Frogs and Printmaking Hearts

So usually I do not do holiday "Crafts" or holiday projects but in this case with my kindergarten this year I thought it would be something they would enjoy and I found this great idea that inspired me in a calendar I came across.  Usually during the holiday's because so many students do not celebrate this holiday, or that holiday, I usually do a seasonal art lesson or I try to tie in artists that do artwork relating to that season, for example it is Valentine's Day coming up so I have done a few Jim Dine lessons with my students!

Since we have been talking about the heart shape, collage, and printmaking, we tied all three together in this collage piece. We used our left over Eric Carle paper's that we made and some construction paper to make the frog, they practiced their motor skills cutting out their own eyes and tongue, The tongue had to have a heart shape at the end, and then students used their fingerprint to create their hearts in the background. I actually came across this project in a calendar a teacher gave me a couple of weeks ago and thought this would be a cute yet multi-dimensional lesson for the students. We were able to review some Eric Carle concepts as well and added in the complementary color discussion with the red/pink and green!

Hope you are inspired and I hope you all enjoy your Valentine's Day this weekend!
Love and Creative Wishes your way,

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