Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fun finds for the Home!

Beings I have the summer off, I always like decorating my home and can't resist a good find at HomeGoods or the Goodwill! We moved into our new home in September so I didn't officially get everything decorated until now. Here are few fund finds I found shopping the past few weeks.

Found this great pillow and fun quote signs at HomeGoods! 

Bought the frame and owl at Homegoods and the letter "G" at Michaels! 70% 
off! They have these on sale now. 

These are my fun Fiesta mugs I picked up at the Goodwill. I swear I am in that store once a week. The one right by my house is 5 minutes away and it has the best goodies I have ever come across. It basically fills my garage sale fix during the winter months :)
Hope you are all having fun doing those things you love to do during your summer months off! Creative Wishes, xox Ashley

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