Sunday, April 21, 2013

Soup Can Art! Andy Warhol Inspired Lesson

Last summer I took a trip to visit one of my friends from college. She lives in VA Beach and is too an art teacher. She teaches summer classes at the VA MOMA and she told me about the Andy Warhol exhbit. We were thrilled to check it out and sure enough I got inspired by the artwork and local art on display. That's where this assignment came into play.

I am a huge recycling nut and when it comes to making things out of the old, I get so excited! So I assigned a lesson to my 6th grade students. 6th Grade students were assigned a sketchbook homework assignment over the PSSA testing break considering I was missing some of their art time due to my schedule and traveling. I gave them this fun challenge to take a soup can or veggie can and transform it into something new! Students were allowed to use any art materials and create any sculpture piece. The options were limitless. I can NOT get enough of these creative outcomes. Students are so thrilled to bring them in and put them on display. We filled up the display case outside of the Gym and Cafeteria, and everyone is getting a thrill out of seeing these fun creations.

The students really enjoyed this assignment and they enjoyed working collaboratively with someone at home. They are all different and unique. I love getting these kinds of results from my students.

More Soup Can Art to come!!!

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  1. Great work! You have some very talented students :)
    I've really enjoyed exploring your blog, and will be following now (with bloglovin') with pleasure!