Sunday, May 25, 2014

Digital Art Works

Sorry about the sideways photographs. They uploaded from my phone this funky way and I haven't a clue how to rotate them on here. Below are two examples of Graphic Design posters we did for "companies" or stores that wanted to hire us for publicity. This is always a fun project for my 6th graders. I make up these make believe company names and then I pretend they are hired for X amount of dollars to product a new logo or company poster for them.

This is a 3rd grade digital drawing they completed on Microsoft PAINT. We focused on detail, and our fine motor skills of drawing digitally on the computer.
This is a 4th grade students drawing that he was currently working on, this was an in the process piece. I think it is fantastic! Again we used just little old Microsoft PAINT. The wonders.
These are two Joan Miro inspired pieces done by 2nd graders. We were introduced to the work of artist Joan Miro through a PowerPoint presentation we we critiqued the artworks. Then we used Paint to design our own pieces in Miro's style.

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