Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!Exploring the Work of Jim Dine!

My 1st grade students were introduced to the Pop Art of artist Jim Dine and his heart series. We discussed how his hearts look different than those seen on a Valentine's Day Card in addition to what Pop Art is and collage. Students first traced a heart pattern on white paper using charcoal. We then ripped up the pieces and glued them onto a large 9X12"inch white paper. We then used tempera paint to paint the background space in between. They then cut out a large heart from pink construction paper and glued it onto the final dry collage work.

 They explored their own paint mixing and painting skills by painting only the heart and finished it off with a black outline. I think these turned out awesome and I just loved the results! As a final assessment students hung up their pieces on the front boards and we had a small critique discussing things they discovered, what they did not understand and what they liked and did not like about the lesson.

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