Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kindergarten Portraits!

Check out how awesome my Kinders did on their FIRST OFFICIAL PORTRAIT!!!
We discussed proportion and shapes. We did a great activity with their "old ways" of drawing portraits.
1st Activity- We took a large 9"X24"inch piece of paper and folded it in half. They first had to draw someone sitting across from them at their table. I did not give them any directions or step instructions. I wanted to see what was in their mind and what skill set they all were at.
2nd Activity- They opened up the folded paper and drew a picture of themselves. We got mirrors handed out and they drew what they looked like.
3rd Activity- We sat in a circle and looked at all of our drawings and on the board I asked raise of hands how many people drew a trianlge or dot for a nose, stick arms etc. How many people forgot eye brows and eye lashes, etc.
4th Activity-We went back to our seats and together we drew a person using correct shapes and details. We took their "old habbits" and sent them away!! We did a cute activity--we PRETEND put them on a balloon, waved goodbye,  put them on a sling shot and sent them flying out the window, stuffed them into a baseball and threw it as far outside as we could. This was all pretend in the classroom they loved it!
5th Activity- I had them take what we learned about shape and proportion and then draw themselves again looking in the mirror and using our "rules and skills" we learned.
These are the finished products!!!!!
This was a 2 day lesson but was well worth the time :) They put a lot of effort into these drawings and I think they did an awesome job! Woo Hoo!

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