Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Global and Social Issues Comics

I started this lesson my first year of teaching with my 6th grade students. I know creating comics can always be cliche and have the idea that only super hero's are in comics and comic books. So I took a different approach on the comic strip and had my 6th grade students do research on a social or global issue as their main comic strip topic. They loved learning about new topics and they had a blast creating their ideas. This was a good start to get them thinking and they created webs to write down their story lines and characters. These were my results 5 years ago. Today with my 6th grade students I started my comic lesson again and we are going to add a digital twist to it in our Art and Technology Class. Below are a couple of great websites you might find helpful and interesting to use in your classrooms! I can't wait to post the final results.

20 Ways to Use Comics in the Classroom
Comic and Story Creator
Comic Creator
Create a Graphic Novel

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