Friday, March 6, 2015

Exploring The Tropical Rainforest

Because of all of this snow, I have been busy working in my art studio, cleaning the house, and redecorating! What fun! It has been nice catching up on life and "me" time.

Anywho, there has not been much action on my blog lately due to the many snow days AND I have an Artist-In-Residence right now! More pictures will be coming soon within the next week. We are transforming our Greenhouse into a beautiful rainforest using paper mache' and recycled items that the entire school and community has donated. It has been such fun jump starting this program and my artist is awesome to work with! Have any of you had an Artist-In-Residence this year or plan on having one? They are so inspirational and they give a nice boost especially during these yucky winter months!

As for lessons and prep, I created an awesome Rainforest themed Power Point presentation for anyone who is interested in doing a Rainforest theme, wants to do individual integrated science lessons on specific animals, or are interested in integrating some science into art! Check out this 92 page Power Point presentation that you can use to invigorate your classroom with science!

Here is a sneak peak of the presentation and I hope you can utilize some of these slides below for your classroom!
Essential Questions, facts, images, and great information are integrated into this package.

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