Sunday, March 15, 2015

Donated supplies!!!

I am ecstatic about the uber amount of donated items I received from a parent who works at a recycling plant. My was blown away by the amount of items brought in! I have no where to out slot of it either! Hahah

Anywho, donated items are the best way to go when having a limited budget. Did you know that there are many items companies and businesses throw out and they could be great for many projects? Here are just a few ideas.... 
1. Contact billboard companies! The vinyl used for the billboards get thrown out and they have bundles! This is great to cover tables, you can paint on these and display murals in your school or can be hung as banners!
2. Go to local newspaper companies they have huge rolls of newsprint and cardboard rolls the newsprint comes in. When it gets close to the end they throw the roll out with still a small amount of newsprint paper. 
3. Local frame places have huge boxes from supplies and left over Mat board. These are great for projects.
4. Home Depot or Lowes is also a great place to get cardboard. In the back where they get shipments are TONS of "damaged" cardboard boxes that are broken up and ready to be recycled, why not take them, cut them up for painting lessons, 3-D sculpture lessons, masks and more!

Hope this has got you thinking and inspired. I love recycled materials!!! Happy hunting. 
Here are images of the donated supplies! So incredible and thankful!

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