Monday, January 5, 2015

Making Time for your ARTISTIC VOICE!

So I know that it is key to stay active and a practicing artist as an art educator. How can we teach art yet not practice our own craft, love and passion? Being an elementary art teacher is such fun, rewarding and at times overwheleming because of the large amount of tasks we have as we care and educate the young minds. So by the time we reach our homes, we run for the couch, snuggle up with our pets, and relax our brains, feet, and bodies from a running around and thrilling day of paint. This past year I promised to be more active in the art community and in my own artistic needs. So I re-vamped my ETSY account, painted and sold my work at a craft show, sold numerous pieces on ETSY and to friends and family, and had two paintings in shows both in Philly and now in Lancaster. PLEASE remember your passion and love for making art-do NOT loose that love and passion just because our jobs can be exhausting--stay creative and do what you LOVE. MAKE THE TIME!!!!!

My piece was accepted for the Crow Show that is being held in Lancaster, PA. The show is titled "Something to Crow About" and will be on display the First Friday of February. It will be on display and for sale at The Mulberry Art Studios.

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