Sunday, February 21, 2016

These are a few of my FAVORITE Things! My Favorite Art Supplies

These are a few of my favorite things! Every Art Teacher or individual out there looking for great, affordable art supplies sometimes needs an insight on what materials are great for children when creating art. If you are experienced or are doing this for the first time, here is a helpful list that will get you started!

My favorite place to shop for art supplies!

I love shopping at Dick Blick Art Supplies online. They are a great art supply company that I have loved purchasing from for years! I started off back in art school when I would visit their shop often in my home town. 

Paint Brushes- Kids need to have the right paint brush when creating a painting or it could end up a mess in terms of fine motor skills for kids! Check out these beautiful brushes that have great handles and the right bristles for any painting project!

Oil Pastels-Crayola makes THE BEST oil pastels. Soft, great for blending and come in an array of colors. They are affordable and come in class pack size for big classrooms to individual size for smaller art instruction.

Construction Paper-  You can't go wrong with Tru-Ray construction paper. It is great with fade resistance and is thick enough for any art medium! Oil pastels, paints or collage, these papers are vibrant and ready for your artistic creations!

Liquid Watercolor Paints- Can I just say WOW! These are fabulous. I used these a few years back when they just came out at the Baltimore NAEA conference and they were such fun! Vibrant colors with just a few drops in water you can create an endless amount of watercolor paints for your students. 

Chalk Pastels- I LOVE Prismacolor NuPastel Color Sticks.They are vibrant and great quality BUT do have a bit of an expense to them. If you are on the affordable end of purchasing chalk pastels, order these awesome chalk sticks. They are Sargent Art Square Chalk Pastels. Colorful, affordable and great for kids. 

Pan Pastels- These are AMAZING! They are a bit pricy but create some beautiful color. They look like make up, especially the tools and product, but they are such fun and the kids love them. They are erasable too and there are many techniques that can be applied. I worked with this company during my Master's degree experimenting and researching the materials with my students and they absolutely LOVED THEM. They were created in Kutztown, PA and I have a few lessons you can check out using this amazing product. Like chalk pastels but cleaner and high quality pigments!

Drawing Paper- 90lb White Drawing paper is great for pastel, pencil, charcoal or pen. 

Tempera Paint- Crayola Artista II Liquid Washable Tempera Paint is what I live by! These are awesome, come in a variety of colors, are washable which we love for kids AND they are affordable!!!

Great place for art supplies as well. I often shop here too. You can order a catalog for your personal use or classrooms needs! Sax Art Supplies

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