Monday, January 11, 2016

SMORE: Newsletters to invigorate and simplify life!

As an art educator, I have used my skills of creativity, technology integration and my own research to now teach a successful and integrated course to students grades 2-6. After retirements and moving around positions, I now teach elementary art and an elementary class to grades 2-6 called Visual Communications (yes, I cam up with the name of the course).

I am not sure how many art educators out there are being introduced to technology or how you integrate it into your classrooms. Google has become a big part of our districts communication with our students, staff, and faculty. Not only do I have the duties of an art educator, but I also am a technology arts teacher, I coordinate professional learning opportunities using technology to my colleagues, I coordinate our building technology meetings and I am part of our districts technology committee. Both positions have challenged me in many ways but it has been such an exciting and invigorating experience to learn new ways of learning, new ways to teach, and new ways to grow. This ability of being creative shines in new ways and it has opened my eyes to new ways to teach my students Art and Design. Because I have an array of resources and research to share with my colleges, there is this fabulous site I wanted to share with you all called Smore. It is a digital newsletter that has quick, easy, and organized layouts which allows you to list, bullet, and summarize information adding videos, articles and links to quickly use as a resource and to get information our quick and easy. It tracks your visitors and it is just AWESOME!

Please check it out, it would make a great way to share Art News as a department or just a cool newsletter you can send out to students for updates and inspiration.

What will you SMORE?!

Here is a link to my own personal Smore Newsletter for my district. Enjoy!

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