Monday, June 8, 2015

The SES Art Show and Curriculum Fair

This year our theme was "The Art of the Picture Book." All of the artwork created by students was inspired by literature, children's books, illustrators and authors. I collaborated with our librarian and classroom teachers to make each lesson an integrated and collaborative part of their learning. Enjoy!

 I also added a guestbook this year where students, families, and teachers could comment and write their signatures from their visit. 
 This year I did an art show Trivia Quiz based on the different art pieces around the school. Winner's or most correct answers got a prize!!

 The Very Hungry Caterpillar inspired by the work of Eric Carle! Mister Seahorse and the Very Busy Spider are all smoothed in there as well. This is work done by K-2nd
 The K-4 Starry Night Mural and Collaborative Art piece!
 1st-3rd Brian Floca Trains

 Romare Bearden Collage's done by 5th grade students. 

 Student work inspired by the Rainforest played out on the tables. My one third grade class made this amazing display of student work. 

 These are some recycled bottle cap art pieces and mixed media pieces my 6th grade students created.

 6th grade worked on ceiling tiles for their legacy project. Next year for their legacy project I plan on doing the entire music hallway, ceiling tiles and mural wall!

My students decorated the Science Lab which was everyone's entry way into the Rainforest exhibition in the Greenhouse. Students wrote some pretty cool quotes on the board and some awesome artwork!

 These were Louise Nevelson inspired pieces done with found objects, spray paint and wood panels. I only did this with one first grade class because attempting to spray paint as a 6-7 year old is super hard and their little fingers are still not strong enough to press down the tab. They were proud though to spray away!!

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