Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Celebrating YAM(Youth Art Month!)

This is the first year I did not have to travel from school to school. So after years of teaching I always wanted to do a Spirit Week with the entire school in honor of arts education and to celebrate Youth Art Month! I never had the chance because every day I was at a different school. Too confusing. My favorite month not only because it celebrates youth art and creativity, but it's also the month of my Birthday! WOO HOO! Today was dress as your favorite artist or artwork day! My students came up with some awesome costumes and I loved seeing how creative they were in their clothing selection. I had to do a lot of promotion the past 2 weeks. I go on the morning announcements every morning to do an artist quote, share an art book, or an artist video. I also sent home a newsletter with all students and go in the TV studio having students share some of the art they have made on their own time. It has been tons of fun!

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