Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guido Daniele---"Handimals"

 The Hand Art of Guido Daniele
 When we think of ourselves in relation to the universe, our world, our home, or our environment, how do we see our place in the world? How do we see ourselves in comparison to the animals, organisms, and living things out there that have life, have meaning, and purpose to our whole way of the world working and continuing this stabilized atmosphere we have so long been living in?

Italian Artist Guido Daniele, added a new artistic experience using the body painting technique where he creates and paints models bodies for different situations such as advertising pictures and commercials, fashion events and exhibitions.It started in 2000 about "Handimals."

When thinking about our place in the world, it is interesting to think about the following three words: nature, humans, and advertisement. Guido, creates these beautiful pieces of photography using hands and the form of them, yet they are blown up and used in advertisements and mass marketing for companies around the globe. Is this  a way to create awareness about animals? Is it a way to manipulate the human body and adorn it with the beauty of earth instead of make-up or clothing, or is it a way to send a message to our culture about the importance of animals, living, breathing, and sustaining our world for keeping it's existence. It is interesting to inquire and connect both the arts and sciences to his works of art. These discussions may bring up great inquiry and connections in the art and or science classrooms. 
The Hand Art of Guido Daniele
The Hand Art of Guido Daniele

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