Thursday, March 28, 2013

Art Teachers in the World of Technology

Curretly I am working on my masters project focused on the following" What are the benefits of technology integration within the arts?"  This question arose from the challenges and excitement I have had about teaching an arts and tech class the past two years. I am trying to gain more knowledge and grasp more ideas that are available for my students.

Art Educators out there, I was wondering if any of you had advice, tips, tricks, or if you are Guru's in the tech world!?

There are alot of WEB 2.0 tools I use with my students that make it fun. If you have not discovered SUMOPAINT yet, check it out! I have been using it for two years now, and its amazing!

Yesterday, I finally activated my ArtSonia Account to get a jumpstart on that up and running. I got permission and created the account in 2011 but had not found the time to use it. After researching more of the site this past week, I am very excited to use the digital portfolio world with my students. How is ArtSonia working for all you wonderful art educators out there?

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